About Jen

"Hi!  I'm Jen Greenfield, owner of Jenny Penny Painted Faces.  I've just finished my college degree in Emerging Media and Digital Arts from Southern Oregon University, and have moved back home to Los Gatos, California.  

I have 4+ years' experience as a face painter, and many years' experience working with children, including babysitting, working as an aide at the St. Christopher School daycare, teaching art classes at the Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club, and volunteering as an art classroom aide at Presentation High School.  

I even moonlighted as a princess for a bit!  

In 2012, I began face painting professionally for Aurora Painted Faces in Santa Barbara.  I immediately realized it was the perfect career to combine my love of working with kids with my passion for art.  When I moved to Oregon for school, I knew I had to find a way to continue painting, and thus
--Jenny Penny Painted Faces was born!"

Selfie time!  

Selfie time!  


"I strive to produce art of the highest quality in each of my artistic endeavors, especially face painting, and I love seeing the huge smile on a child's faces when they finally catch a glimpse of their face in the mirror.  

I'd love to attend your party and help you host a spectacular event to remember.  

Hope to meet you soon!"